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Would you like to generate passive income from purchases made all over the world?

You may get a second salary!

Read this page and find out how you can get Recurring earnings every month thanks to an Automatic Bot !
AiMarketing - How it work

Many companies have relied on advertising to sell their products online. AiMarketing uses artificial intelligence to automate and optimize the advertising campaigns of companies. In this figure you can see some of the hundreds of companies advertised by AiMarketing.

Over 20,000 online cashback stores

The process is as follows:
  • Artificial intelligence analyzes market trends
  • Based on the data provided by the market bot, the staff creates targeted campaigns using the budget invested by users;
  • Users, as lenders, are entitled to a share of the sales commission and get cashback.

Why should you invest your savings?

By leaving your money deposited in your bank account you don't even recover the cost of money inflation.

Let's now see an example of how much we can earn by inserting for example 500 Dollars and re-investing the 35% gain accrued every month for 12 months.


Initial $ 500

1st month = 675
2nd month = 911.25
3rd month = 1229.85
4th month = 1660.29
5th month = 2241.40
6th month = 3025.89
7th month = 4084.95
8th month = 5514.68
9th month = 7444.82
10th month = 10,050.51
11th month = 13,568.20
12th month = 18,317.07

After 12 months we will have around 18000 Dollars with an initial investment of 500 Dollars. The gain that the platform provides is variable and may even exceed this value. Also if you need it, you can withdraw the money at any time.

Register now! Online registration is free
You will receive a $ 50 bonus to start earning right away.
Why trust artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence already copes with many tasks better than humans in many areas.

It works 24/7, no holidays and weekends

Maximum cashback, maximum profit.

Just finance the advertising budget!

It is transparent. API proficiency statistics are in your account.

No experience is needed. Selection of offers, launch of advertising campaigns, statistics - MarketBot does it all for you!

No additional risk. MarketBot Protect guarantees you compensation for the canceled transaction. You will not lose a cent!

Promote goods to friends and get 5% on their purchases!

Affiliate program
You can get cashback inviting friends or recommending goods.

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