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5% Cashback

2)When your friend uses your $ 50 Coupon on AiMarketing, the system will affiliate this person on AiMarketing, giving you an additional 5% bonus for each refill this person makes to their account. This 5% on AiMarketing will come to us in the form of available Cashback and you can view it in your virtual card that you find on your AiMArketing account.

Affiliate program

Subscribing to allows you to get additional bonuses in case you decide to take advantage of the marketing plan and network.  

For example, you can make money through the affiliations of other people registered in your network. Earnings range from 5% to 15% based on your volume and that of your organization.

Company marketing plan

In addition to the volume gain of your organization, when you reach a certain sales volume, the company gives you a bonus in NBO according to the table above.
1 NBO =  1 Dollar

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