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Affiliate program

Subscribing to allows you to get additional bonuses in case you decide to take advantage of the marketing plan and network.  

After registering on, on the menu you will find an item that says - invite -.

Inb.Network menu

A screen will open with your affiliate links. Copy the first link at the top of

5% Cashback - 5% PRTN

You can make money from your affiliates in 2 ways:

1) When a person signs up with your referral link, you will affiliate your friend with you, giving you a 5% bonus for each top-up he makes to his personal account. This 5% on will be in PRTN points.

2)When your friend uses your $ 50 Coupon on AiMarketing, the system will also affiliate this person on AiMarketing, giving you an additional 5% bonus for each refill this person makes to their account. This 5% on AiMarketing will come to us in the form of available Cashback and you can view it in your virtual card that you find on your AiMArketing account.

Cashback 5%

On the AiMarketing portal , click on the Cashback menu item .

From the screen that opens, we will be able to check everything related to the 5% bonus deriving from the top ups of our affiliates .

Under Activation, it tells us how many people have used our $ 50 Certified Gift . The Sales item shows the total number of top-ups that our affiliates have made. In the Cashback item, on the other hand, the total Cashback received from all those top-ups is counted .


On the website, under the heading Activities we are shown two items of our portfolio. NBO and PRTN.

This guide explains what PRTNs are

The PRTN are bonus points that are awarded to you when your affiliate makes a refill of AiMarketing. Initially these points will be equal to 5% but subsequently, they will rise to 6%, 7%, 9% up to 15%.

On AiMarketing the 5% Cashback is booked immediately , as soon as our affiliate makes a top-up, instead here on a few days will pass.

On AI Marketing , as soon as a user makes a top-up, we immediately receive 5% of the amount which is converted into available Cashback .

On instead we see these PRTNs , with a nominal value of 1PRTN = 1 $ . What do we do with it? How can we exploit and use them?

By clicking on the PRTN item , or by clicking on the Send to button at the bottom , we will be able to send these PRTNs to AiMarketing .

From the screen that opens, we will be able to write the amount to be moved and then perform the Top-up procedure on AiMarketing using Bitcoins as a payment method. We copy the string (Alphanumeric code) of the wallet that is shown to us on AiMarketing and paste it here on and press Transfer .

Being a classic Bitcoin transfer , you are not obliged to upload them to AiMarketing, but you can also transfer them to your own Crypto Wallet , such as Binance.

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