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If you have been using the AiMarketing Bot for some time, or you are at your first advertising campaigns, in both cases you will soon need a management software that shows you the progress of the Bot in more detail than it does on the AI ​​site itself. Marketing.

There are 2 solutions:
  • You create your own Excel file where you will write down the things that interest you
  • You rely on the AI.Gestion portal that will do everything automatically.

AI.Gestion is a French platform created specifically to monitor the progress of campaigns in a very thorough way.
The AI.Gestion portal is divided into different thematic areas, we can see the cashback that we will accrue in the coming months, we can have an account of our expenses and earnings , know when we will break even, how much we have spent out of our pocket, how much we have re- invested and how much we have withdrawn .

It will also allow us to make a long-term investment plan, calculating how much we will be able to get from the campaigns in the coming months!

There are so many, many charts, tables, useful information about our Bot and the campaigns it is working on. The use of this fantastic management software costs € 30 per year. It may seem like a high expense, useless .. but I assure you that it will be 30 € well spent, especially looking at the table above which tells you that in a year you will have made thousands of $ with the Bot, and therefore .. what will 30 € ever be ?

Registration and activation of AI.Gestion

To use AI.Gestion just follow these simple steps:

Choose an email address and password to create your new account on AI.Gestion.
Select the small square in the center: Je veux me créer un compte (see image below)

Then click on the middle button to access.

ATTENTION : only the first time you must select the box Je veux me créer un compte !!! Subsequently, to log in , you will have to leave it disabled , since by now you have created the account! Once inside the AI.Gestion portal, we can set our language by selecting it in the drop-down menu at the top right.

At this point, we can download the Chrome Plugin that will interface with the two portals, the one of AI Marketing and this one of AI Gestion.
Just click here and, once the page is open (obviously via the Chrome browser on your PC or Mobile), we can click on the blue button at the top right Add .

To make the Chrome Plugin work so that it automatically synchronizes all your sales, investments, costs, revenues, cashbacks, campaigns, etc ... you will need to activate the Business account at a cost of € 30 per year . The plugin you have installed on Chrome will take care of synchronizing every sale, expense, cashback and you will be able to consult the various sections of AI.Gestion daily.

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