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Binance is today one of the best known and most used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. But in addition to being an exchange, it is also a cryptocurrency wallet and much more!

Binance registration
Signing up on Binance is quick and easy. Just click below.

Once registered, two-factor authentication will be activated to protect your wallet from unwanted access.

Pay for cryptocurrencies
As soon as you log into Binance, your wallet will obviously be empty. To start buying cryptocurrencies, we have two main avenues:

  1. Load some money into your account and scale this balance as you go
  2. Pay every time using your credit card

Binance has its own account, and you can add funds to it as much as you like, so that every purchase you make in the future uses this money and doesn't ask you to use your credit card every time.

You can top up your account in 2 ways: by making a transfer from your current account or by credit card.

To top up your Binance balance, once you have registered and logged into your account, go to the menu at the top right Wallet, in the drop-down select the second item Wallet spot and on the page that opens, press the yellow button " Deposit ".

Which cryptocurrencies to buy?
If you want to top up the AI ​​Marketing MarketBot directly from your Binance account you need to buy Bitcoin.

If you want to top up your Payer account, we recommend Litecoins, which have a very low transfer fee.

Bitcoins have higher fees than Litecoins. Very important factor in choosing between these two cryptocurrencies. Moving Litecoins from Binance to PAYEER will only cost you a few $ cents. Moving Bitcoin, on the other hand, has much higher fees.

First of all, you need to buy cryptocurrency on Binance. In the menu at the top left, click on Buy Crypto and then choose whether to pay with a bank deposit or with a credit card. On the next screen we will be able to choose which cryptocurrency to buy, Litecoin , Bitcoin , or even USDT . Write down the amount you want to spend (always keep some margin, again due to possible commissions), select the cryptocurrency and proceed with the purchase.
Once the purchase is confirmed (you will receive verification codes both via SMS and via Email), we will be able to go and see the updated situation in our Binance wallet . Click on the Wallet menu, at the top right, and choose the usual Wallet spot item . Here we will always have an eye on every cryptocurrency in our possession.

On the summary page we have some action buttons on the right, which allow us to Buy others, Deposit them , Withdraw them , Convert them . It is possible to convert the cryptocurrencies in your possession. Maybe you bought Litecoin but needed Bitcoins, or the other way around. Or you bought $ 200 of USDT and want to convert $ 50 to Litecoin. Binance allows you to do these simple one-click conversions.

Just click on Convert (see image above, last item on the right) and from the screen that appears, choose the amount and the new cryptocurrency to convert to.

You will be given a preview of the conversion, due to the continuously rising and falling value of the cryptocurrencies and any fees for the specific conversion. Once the conversion is confirmed, we will have the new currency in the wallet. This operation is recommended precisely in order not to keep cryptocurrencies that vary in price every day in your wallet. For example, if you bought $ 100 of Litecoin, but only used $ 80, the remaining $ 20 is recommended to convert into USDT, so that they stay there without losing value. When they reserve you, you will convert this $ 20 USDT back into Bitcoin or Litecoin.

If we have chosen to go through PAYEER to top up the MarketBot and we have successfully purchased Litecoins, all we have to do is move the Litecoins to PAYEER .
To do this, log into PAYEER (if you don't have a PAYEER account yet or you don't know how it works, find the tutorial here )

From the home page, which shows all our wallets, we go to the gray one, called LTC (Litecoin) , and click on the Deposit button .

The screen that opens will simply show us an alpha-numeric string. This is our Litecoin account number . A kind of IBAN on which to pay Litecoin.

The only thing you will have to do is click on the COPY button next to this string of letters and numbers. Do not select it with the mouse, you may miss some pieces. The COPY button will copy it correctly for you.
Here at PAYEER you don't have to do anything else. Now that you have your LTC account address copied, let's go back to Binance.

Back on Binance now, we will have to withdraw the Litecoins there and move them to this PAYEER account.

The only thing you will have to do is to click on the COPY button next to this string of letters and numbers. Do not select it with the mouse, you may miss some pieces. The COPY button will copy it correctly for you. Here at PAYEER, you do n't have to do anything else . Now that you have your LTC account address copied , let's go back to Binance . Now back on Binance , we will have to withdraw the Litecoins there and move them to this PAYEER account. From our usual wallet, in the table below, to the Litecoin row, we press the Withdrawal button . Here we will have to complete the online form simply by copying and pasting , at the top , the alphanumeric string of the account and, at the bottom, the quantity of Litecoin. If we want to transfer them all , just press the button on the right Max and it will automatically insert the total amount of our Litecoins present on Binance .

Confirm the operation now. In a few minutes you will receive Litecoin on PAYEER in your LTC wallet .

Let's go back to PAYEER to verify that we have received all the Litecoins. Inthe LTC portfolio we will see that the amount has increased.

You can now proceed to top up AI.Marketing using PAYEER.

If you are unable to use PAYEER for some reason, you can still top up AI.Marketing with Bitcoins, directly from Binance.
The procedure is very similar to the one described above. From AI Marketing go to voice Reload , we write the ' amount we wish to recharge and as a payment method we choose Bitcoin . Then click on Pay . Also in this case we will be shown the amount in BTC and the wallet (both to be copied later on Binance). As for the procedure in Litecoin, we follow the same steps.

Let's go to our Binance wallet, at the Bitcoin line we press on Withdrawal, copy and paste the wallet at the top, copy and paste the BTC amount, verify that the total amount is correct, and confirm.

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