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On AiMarketing you can earn CashBack by shopping online from the partner sites of the platform. Each affiliate website gives a percentage of purchases.

Proceed like this. From the menu on the left choose the item - Online cashback -

Choose the country you want to shop in. You will see all the affiliate websites where you can shop.

By writing on - Choose a Shop - you can also choose a specific shop, but it is an optional option. In the example of the figure we have chosen the Aliexpress site.

A page will open showing all the conditions of the affiliate website. You can notice that the caschback is about 6.9%.

You will also find all the countries where the website is present and where you can shop.

You will find a detailed explanation of the company.

On this page below we find all the conditions of the service.

Now let's go to the affiliate website. Click on the button - Activate the caschback and go -

By clicking on the button - Go to the Site - we will arrive in our affiliate website.

We have finally arrived on the online store where we can start shopping.

If we want to benefit from cashback we must create a new account even if we already have an account previously created on the site where we want to make purchases. This program allows you to earn something from your online purchases.

How to check the caschback received from your online purchases.

Go to the menu under - Statistics -

This screen will open where you can choose whether to check your earnings coming from the MarketBot and those coming from your online purchases on affiliate websites. Choose  -Cashback shopping- . Your earnings are shown here.

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