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Conio Bitcoin Wallet

Available on Google Play and the App Store, this wallet allows you to keep your BTC coins safe and close at hand.

Buy and sell Bitcoins
Mint Bitcoin Wallet allows you to buy BTC coins using your credit card, prepaid card or debit card. If you want to sell your coins to earn profits, simply get your IBAN code and you will receive Euros in your account.

Easy to use
The wallet has an easy to use interface which is perfect for beginners. You can start after a minute.

High security
To use the wallet, you only need your email address. A PIN is required to complete a transaction. The wallet follows a multi-signature system, which offers double protection to your account profile. Each transaction is authorized by 2 keys, yours and the Conio trustee. If you lose your phone, you can recover your account with a third key provided by Conio. Receive real-time alerts in case of abnormal activity to log into your account.

How to register
Download and install the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

It is free to install. Open the app to get started with the next steps. Enter your email address and choose a password. Accept the Terms and Conditions of the service and confirm. You will receive a confirmation email. Press the button in the email you received. To set the PIN code, go to the Settings screen and press the "Enable PIN code" button. Enter your password and choose the PIN code you want to use. Type your PIN again and click the Continue button. Before starting your first transaction, please complete your profile. You will need identification documents and a photograph of yourself.You will need to enter the details of your personal information such as passport number, identity card or driver's license. Finally, you will need a residential address. Once finished, the app will verify your details and verification may take a few days. To buy Bitcoin using your credit card, log into the Conio app.

On the dashboard, find the Market screen and click the Buy button.

Enter the desired amount and confirm the amount

After verifying the purchase price of Bitcoin and all your information, confirm the order and follow the requests of your payment method.

You will get a screen where you can enter the payment method you want to use.

You will receive a code on your phone which you must enter on the App

Congratulations you have completed the payment.

Top up Ai.Marketing with BitCoin through the Conio App

First you need to buy Bitcoin from the Coin App. After buying Bitcoins you can send them to your account.

Now that you have bought Bitcoin from your Hype App, you can enter your AiMarketing account and select top up from the menu.

From section Reload , choose Bitcoin as a payment system.

It will generate an alphanumeric string containing the address of your account on which to go to deposit the cryptocurrency.

Example in the image

Copy this address. Now enter the Conio App and send the bitcoins you previously purchased to the AiMarketing account to the address you copied. Credit times require a few minutes of waiting.

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