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Would you like to have an affiliate link to send to your friends and people you know to sign them up under your account?

Both InbNetwork and AiMarketing allow you to have your own affiliate link.

Where is the affiliate link on InbNetwork?

To get started, log into your InbNetwork account. From the menu choose the item Invite.

A screen with 2 links will open

The first link is used to register people through InbNetwork (Recommended)

The second link allows you to register directly on AiMarketing

Copy the link and share it on the internet or send it directly to people you know.

On Aimarketing you can quickly create a presentation page to affiliate people you know. First go to and click on the menu - My Marketing -

This screen will open. Choose the STANDARD page.

This will open this screen where you can choose what to add or remove to your page. For example, you can insert a photo of yourself or a personalized video that you have on YouTube.

After creating the page you will find this screen. From here you can edit your presentation page, add or remove content to the page or delete this page. You can also choose to create more than one page with different graphics and content.

To edit the page click on this icon

After saving the page you can decide to share it on social networks or other websites. To share your page click on - Copy link -

Paste this link on the website or social network where you want to share it.

Below is a preview of what people who click on your link see.

Where do you find my $ 50 bonus code to send to my friends?

Enter AiMarketing. From the menu select Cashback. You will find a card with a 16-digit code. Copy the code and send it to your friends.

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