How to access Aimarketing - | MarketBot, Cashback and Artificial Intelligence to make you money online

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Access to AiMarketing directly

Log in with your social account or InbNetwork account

Sign in with your AiMarketing account with to InbNetwork

Now that we are registered and have entered the InbNetwork site, we will have to click on the first item at the top of the left menu: AiMarketing.

You will arrive on the AiMarketing website. Don't be scared by the default language which is Russian. You can immediately set it in your language.

Now that the site is in your language, you can click on one of the Sign In / Sign Up links

Now you have to be very careful !! To access AiMarketing click on the icon with white dots on a blue background.

Don't click on the other 3 icons !! The only way to successfully access AI.MARKETING is via the blue icon you see above. If you were to log in by mistake with Google or other methods, you would not be able to link your account to the AiMarketing platform.

By clicking on the blue icon with white dots, relating to InbNetwork, the account you created just before on this site will be used.  

We confirm access and we will find ourselves in the AiMarketing platform

First steps on AI.MARKETING

Arrived for the first time on AiMarketing, the robot will welcome us and ask us for a nickname. Let's choose one, verify that it has not already been chosen by someone and move on.

After you have registered online you can also decide to log in directly from AiMarketing. Remember to log in using your InbNetwork account by clicking on this icon.

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