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Top up Ai.Marketing with BitCoin through the Hype App

Hype is a Banca Sella card / account belonging to the Mastercard circuit. The card can be managed by an app.

If you have an account with Hype you can safely transfer your Bitcoins to AiMarketing.

First you need to buy Bitcoin from the Hype App. After buying Bitcoins you can send them to your Ai.marketing account.

Now that you have bought Bitcoin from your Hype App, you can enter your AiMarketing account and select top up from the menu.

From section Reload , choose Bitcoin as a payment system.

It will generate an alphanumeric string containing the address of your account on which to go to deposit the cryptocurrency.

Esempio nell' immagine

Copy this address. Now enter the Hype App and send the bitcoins you previously purchased to the AiMarketing account to the address you copied. Credit times require a few minutes of waiting.

How to send Bitcoins
The service is available for all HYPE customers of age.

From the home screen of your Hype Wallet, tap Send Bitcoin . Add the recipient's Bitcoin address manually or scan it via QR Code. Enter the Bitcoin amount you want to send, or its equivalent in Euros, and continue sending.

From the summary screen you will find the amount of the Miner Cost (the Mining Fee), the commission required to use the Bitcoin network and certify the transaction. You will now be asked to confirm the operation through a link that you will receive at the email address with which you are registered with HYPE. The authorization link must only be confirmed by the smartphone from which you are using the app.
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