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What are NBOs? They are standard ERC20 tokens which are accepted as INfoBusiness.Network's internal currency. NBO is traded on the P2P exchange at ineurochange.com. The face value of the NBO is 1: 1 USD. The real value is determined by its exchange rate at ineurochange.com.

In practice, the NBO are tokens of InbNetwork. These tokens can be purchased for about $ 0.08 each and then, on some occasions, INB Network buys them from us , paying us $ 1 each . Now we will see how to buy these NBOs, and then we will see the two cases where INB Network buys our NBOs .


To see how many NBOs we have and buy new ones, go to the INB.Network website , in the Activities section .

The first wallet at the top will tell us how many NBOs we have on our account. In the image above, there are zero of them. To purchase the NBOs we will have to click on the blue banner at the bottom of the page and we will be directed to the ineurochange.com portal.

From this page, we will have to set the search parameters. In the first group on the left we select PAYEER as the payment method (if you are not yet registered with PAYEER, follow this guide ). In the second group, the central one, we select that we want to receive NBO . And if we want, in the third group on the right, we select to show us only the sellers currently Online . What you will get, immediately below, will be the list of all the vendors of NBO available.

The sellers are sorted by ascending NBO price , so the ones at the top will have the NBOs for sale at the best price, usually $ 0.06 but you can also find them for $ 0.05 . Each seller has a minimum purchase amount . Some have 50 NBO minimums, others 150 NBO minimums. Depending on how many you want, choose one of these sellers, and press the green button on the right to buy .

In the screen that opens, we set how much we would like to spend (in USD) to buy NBOs. In the example above, I wrote $ 10 and will therefore buy 166 NBOs. Once this is done, click on the Buy button at the bottom left .

To proceed with the payment, we will have to transfer the amount of money (10 $ in my case) to the seller. Then click on the leaflet icon next to the seller's PAYEER account (see red arrow in the image above) and open PAYEER in another page of our browser.

On PAYEER, go to the TRANSFER section and fill in the required data: In the Account item, paste the account number we copied a moment ago. We verify that it is correct, otherwise some other person will receive the money !! In the Comments, we write to the seller the reason, or the purchase of a certain amount of NBO (in the example, I wrote 166 NBO). In Amount we enter the amount to be transferred. Completed everything, verified that each field is correct, we can proceed to send by pressing the green SEND button .

At the top of the page, always on PAYEER, we will be shown a confirmation message. We select the number of transaction (eg # 1359398567) and copy it. We go to the page of ineurochange.com that we have left open, and in the lower part, under the heading Comments , we copy the transaction number that we have just copied from PAYEER. We confirm by pressing the button at the bottom right Add a comment .

Let's go back to PAYEER again on the transfer page and take a screenshot so that it shows the completed form and the confirmation of the transaction at the top.  Save it in JPG or PNG.

Finally, we attach this image file in the Images section of ineurochange.com.

Click on Browse… and attach the file with the screenshot and then click on the Add an Image button at the bottom right . Now that we have entered both the Comment and the Image that prove our transfer, press the I paid button and then confirm the Yes, I agree popup .

How to use NBOs

There are two main ways to take advantage of NBOs:
  • Resell them during the 12% bonus periods on reloads
  • Resell them to redeem company bonuses

Reload Bonus 12%

Every so often it may happen that AI active Marketing a week of bonus for which each charging made that passes from Ads Balance to Budget, receives an additional bonus of 12% of the amount. This bonus is given by automatically selling the NBOs in our possession, always at the value of 1 NBO: 1 Dollar. When this promotion is on, to use them we must first have the NBO in our portfolio of INB.Network. Then when our Bot refill , waiting, will cometaking charge and will pass the Advertising Budget, then the Bot will sell automatically a little ' NBO to add a 12% amount of the new campaign.

Example :

We have $ 100 in Ads Balance waiting for them to start a new campaign. We also have 166 NBOs purchased earlier. As soon as these $ 100 are taken over , and they move from Ads Balance to the Advertising Budget, we will be given an extra $ 12 , so a campaign with $ 112 of Budget will start . This additional $ 12 will be given to us by the automatic sale of 12 NBOs , taken from our wallet , deducted from the balance.
We will therefore be left with 154 NBO .
This explains why it is always good to have some NBO ready to use in our portfolio on INB.Network. You never know when they might activate this 12% promo !
$ 100 Corporate Bonus

Now we come to the most interesting part of it all. The Network under INB.Network . Yes, because our Bot will always work thanks to the recharges that we will do, whether we put money from our Card or use the accrued Cashback. But if behind us we also have a network of people registered under us, we will certainly optimize the work of the Bot, giving it an “extra push”. It is not mandatory , it is not necessary , but it certainly helps a lot. What does this bonus consist of? First of all, let's go to the INB.Network site , in the section “ How to earn? ”And there we will be able to read all the documentation that interests us. We will also find a table that outlines the various bonuses that we can go to redeem.

The first bonus will be $ 100 (see image above) and we will reach it as soon as the people registered under our direct affiliates have launched campaigns for a total of $ 4,096 . It may seem like a first high threshold to reach, but in reality, if you invite even only 2 or 3 people , including friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, and then themselves, in turn , invite as many people, and so on, in the within a few weeks you will find many subscribers under you.

Attention!! To reach the $ 4,096 recharge the campaigns activated by the people who have registered directly under you (first line) are not included in the count , but only from those below them onwards ( from the second line to go down) ). So, a good way to quickly reach the various bonuses on INB.Network is to have only 2 or 3 subscribers directly below you, and then all the others to go further below , as you go. You can always keep an eye on the progresstowards the first $ 100 Bonus by going to the Partners section on INB.Network . Note : The two blue bars that you will see, will advance each time you start new campaigns to your affiliates, or when their refills will increase from Ads to Balance Budget Advertising. If the second bar does not update , click on the icon with the two arrows in circle, at the top right.

The second bar , at the bottom, will show you how much is missing for the next level bonus . In this case, subscribers under me have already made top-ups for $ 3,623.94 out of a total of $ 4,096 requested. If you notice, as the last item, under the bar, it explains what the total of the count is given by, explaining the Details of the calculation . The Rule wants everyone to have at least 2 branches under them . We recommend having 2 or 3 , it is better, but no more , it would be useless. There are mathematical formulas and case studies that will influence the calculation flow, you can find them explained in detail always in the section “ How to earn? ”If you want to read all the documentation.

But here we simplify it for you , so that you can really understand what it consists of. I told you that you must have at least 2 branches under you. That is, 2 people registered directly below you, and then, under these affiliates of yours, there must be other subscribers to go down. Let's say we have Monica and Mark and Jessica registered below. Monica then in turn invited another 60 people. Mark 30 people. Jessica has 15 registered users under him.

The 60 subscribers under Monica started campaigns totaling $ 1,500 .
The 30 subscribers under Mark started campaigns for a total of $ 1,000 .
the 15 members under Jessica started campaigns for a total of $ 700 .

Monica will be the strong grouping . The strong grouping will be the branch with the highest turnover of all . In this case it's Monica, because his 60 people under him have billed $ 1,500 in top-ups in advertising campaigns. The weak grouping instead will be the sum of all the other branches , in this case $ 1,700 given by Mark's $ 1,000 and $ 700 by Jessica's subscribers.

Strong part: $ 1,500
Weak part: $ 1,700

As long as the strong line is no more than twice the size of the weak line , everything will be fine. However, if the strong line was $ 3,500 (it exceeds double the weak line : 1,700 × 2 = 3,400), then it would not be included in the Bonus count . So to simplify it further: Always try to have balanced branches . If you only have 2 branches, and one of them becomes too strong, too big, too active, and they are constantly reloading, you risk that it will no longer be considered for your Bonus.If you have 3 or 4 branches, then even if 1 of those were to get too big, there would be the other 2 or 3 that put together (weak grouping) would balance it. When you have people enroll, put some in one branch, a little in another branch, so that you always have balanced branches. I remind you that for the calculation of the Bonus, in this formula, at least 2 active branches are required. If only 1 branch below you is reloading, your blue Bonus bar will remain stationary.

Redeem the Level Bonus

Once we reach the threshold required by the next Bonus (the first Bonus, I remind you, you will get it at $ 4,096) we will be able to redeem the amount of the prize . To do this, we will need to have an equal or greater amount of NBO . So, for the first $ 100 Bonus , we need to have at least 100 NBOs in our wallet on INB.Network . If we don't have them, first of all, let's go and buy them , as described above in this guide. We can always check our NBO balance by going to the Activities section on INB.Network .

Redeeming these bonuses of $ 100, $ 500, $ 1,500 etc .. will simply sell NBO to INB.Network who will pay us $ 1 each. We will have bought them for $ 0.06 and therefore can make a lot of money.

We will redeem the first $ 100 Bonus in these simple steps:
  • We buy 100 NBOs for a total of $ 6
  • We redeem the Bonus
  • 100 NBOs will be automatically sold (deducted from our NBOs in the wallet) and we will receive $ 100 in Ads Balance in our Bot
  • We will be ready to reach the new Next Level Bonus for $ 500!

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