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Top up AiMarketing with PerfectMoney

Log into your AiMarketing account. From the menu choose Reload. Then choose from the menu the item PerfectMoney

Enter the amount you want to top up

You will see this page. Choose Perfect money account

You will be asked to enter your Perfect money account login details.

After entering your login data, you are asked where you want to withdraw the money for the payment. Use your dollar account.

After making the payment you will receive a confirmation on AiMarketing

Tutorial PerfectMoney

PerfectMoney is an e-wallet born in 2007 that allows you to send and receive payments, buy bitcoin, Gold, USD ($) and EURO (€) currencies.
After registration you can log in with your personal ID to the control panel where you will find 4 different accounts, one for movements in dollars $, the second in euros €, the third in bitcoin and the fourth for gold. Each of them is identified with a seven-digit number U9876543 , E9876543 , G9876543 , B9876543 where the letter preceding the number indicates the type of account: U stands for dollar, E for Euro, G for gold, B for bitcoin.
PerfectMoney allows you to send and receive money even without document validation but this entails major limits it is advisable to perform the entire verification process to have 360 ​​° access to the services and solutions offered by PerfectMoney.
How to send money
The sending and receiving of payments can be done through:
  • Profile number - between users written through the profile number not to be confused with theidentification number.
  • Email address - The transaction can also take place just by knowing the recipient's email address even if they do not have an account. This happens because PerfectMoney will automatically open an account that the recipient will be able to cash only when he registers his profile.
  • Mobile number - Another option can be to send money through the mobile number. The beneficiary will receive an e-Voucher code on their mobile phone which will be used to have the sum credited to their profile.
The PerfectMoney system does not provide for cashback or the return of money in fact all payments are final and irrevocable.
Ordinary \ Quick payment and commissions
Payments are made by default in "ordinary" mode but if you are urgent you can choose the "quick" one where the commission remains the same 0.5% for verified users otherwise it is 1.99%
Security with IP address recognition and SMS notification

Every time you try to log into your account, you will receive an SMS notification on your phone number. The message contains a PIN code that you must enter to log into your control panel. This notification option can be disabled from your panel by going to Settings - Security - Change security settings,  then click on Disable .
To keep your account safe, whenever you try to access it with an IP other than the one you registered with, you are temporarily blocked and you receive an email with a secret PIN that you must enter to validate your identity as the original owner.

Account types
When you register, you can choose between two types of accounts: Personal and Business . The first is aimed at natural persons while the second at legal persons; in both cases you can carry out commercial transactions without any limit.

Perfect Money registration

  • Fill out the entire  by entering your online form data and at the end of the page check the box of the PerfectMoney terms and conditions and then click on the Register button.
  • You will receive an email with the validation link to click and your personal ID to keep as you will need it to enter your control panel.

Verify your identity
Verification of your identity is free and is very important because in addition to gaining greater authority in the eyes of the people you do business with (as they understand that your identity is verified) it is important because you are unlocked the option to make withdrawals and deposits by wire transfer. The steps to follow to verify your identity are as follows:

  • Enter the profile and click on Settings and then on Verification management  through the form upload your identity document (driving license or passport)
  • Then upload a bill showing your name and home address
  • Last step: verification of your phone number which takes place by answering a call you will receive from PerfectMoney which will provide you with a secret code that you will have to enter in the appropriate form on the website.

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