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Prepaid card for AiMarketing

Lately the prepaid card is available on Aimarketing that you can use in your favorite stores to make purchases. Currently, the first 500,000 pre-orders of this card have been made. After the pre-orders are delivered, you can order the prepaid card again for $ 19.99.
UDMCREATORS LTD, Company number 13194692 - Unit 111420, Second Floor, 6 Market Place, London, United Kingdom, W1W 8AF
Wexford Alliance Limited, Company 2531493 - 111 Bonham Strand, MW Tower, 7 Floor, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Zarya Ltd, Company # 1217700077220 - 22 Kaspiyskaya street, b. 1/5, suite 13 - 4/VIII/79 - Moscow, Russian Federation
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