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I have lost my password

When you log into with your account you will find the button - I forgot my password -

Log into your account with InbNetwork and click on - Lost Password -

Enter your email to receive the password
Login problems
Maintenance work is carried out on InbNetwork servers and on AiMarketing every week. During those hours, it may happen that access to the portal is disabled. Other times, however, it may happen that you are the only one not able to log in.

There could be two reasons
DNS change
Some telephone providers may block access to some sites. To overcome this problem, change the DNS of your devices, smartphones, tablets, computers.
Replace the DNS you find and enter these here: and .

On some antivirus, the website may give access problems. If this is the situation you have too, proceed in this way.

Exclude certain websites from scanning to Antivirus
On this page we will make an example with the AVAST antivirus, but the procedure is similar for other antiviruses too.

Add an exception

Open Avast Antivirus and go to ☰ Menu ▸ Settings

Select General ▸ Exceptions

Click Add Exception

Type a specific URL in the text box, then click Add Exception .

Add this link:

Close the antivirus and the problem should be solved.

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