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How to withdraw your CashBack

To top up your account with cashback you need to know some aspects first.

1 The $ 50 starting voucher must be returned to the AiMarketing platform because it is some money that they have lent you to test it. However, the profit from the $ 50 remains with you.
2 The first withdrawal must be at least $ 100, any monetary amount is fine for subsequent withdrawals.

How to return the $ 50 certificate

After you have accrued your first $ 50 go to the Transfer menu item and you will see that the only possible action for you will be to return the $ 50 certificate that you received on loan at the time of your enrollment. To do this, just click on the RETURN button .

If your credit is lower than $ 50 you will not be able to pay back the certificate. In fact, in the image above, the wording Certificate Return appears in red.

First withdrawal of $ 100
Once we have paid our $ 50 debt to the platform, the next step will be to accrue at least $ 100 in Cashback. This is because the first withdrawal or a recharge on AI.Marketing must be a minimum of $ 100 . Even more than $ 100. But no less .

Put the Cashback back into the MarketBot
If you do not need to withdraw your accrued Cashback, you can consider entering it again in the MarketBot . In this case, we will not go to the Transfer section, but we will go to the Reload section .

We enter the amount and in the drop-down menu, as a payment method, select the first item at the top Use cashback . This will be in effect a MarketBot Top-up , but instead of using our Credit Card, PAYEER or Bitcoin, we will not have spent anything because the money will be taken directly from the MarketBot Cashback. In the Ads Balance we will immediately see these recharge and after 48 hours a new advertising campaign will start .

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