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Transfer money to paypal, credit card and bank account from your CoinBase account

In  this guide we will talk about how to withdraw a payment in Bitcoin or  other cryptocurrency and transfer it to our Paypal account, our credit  card and our bank account. This procedure is especially useful if you want to withdraw your earnings that come from InbNetwork. Transfers in InbNetwork take place in Bitcoin, so before you can withdraw to your local currency you need to convert them. First you need to register on CoinBase. Registration is free. Next you need to deposit bitcoin cryptocurrency from your InbNetwork or AiMarketing account to your CoinBase account.

Now  that you have registered you must enter the details of your paypal  account, your bank or credit card where you want to withdraw the money. To do this go to the menu on Settings.

Select Payment Methods from the menu.

You will find 3 options to choose from. Choose which option to activate. At the end of the procedure you will find a summary screen showing the payment methods you have activated on your Coinbase account.

Verify bank account
For the bank account you will be asked to verify it. The procedure is very simple: you have to make a small transfer to the Coinbase bank account. You will find all the information for the transfer. Even a small amount of 1 dollar or euro is enough.

Paypal account
Just log into your account. You will receive a text message with a code to enter. After entering the code, the paypal account will be linked.

Credit card
Coin base does not accept prepaid cards. Then use a credit card or a card linked to your bank account

How to withdraw money

Go to the menu and choose Wallet. You will find the list of cryptocurrencies you have purchased or received. Select one of these such as BitCoin.

Select your currency such as Bticoin.

Now click on the blue button at the bottom with the arrows.

This screen will open. Choose from the menu the item Sell.

Enter the amount of the cryptocurrency you want to sell and click on the blue Sell button. This way the crypto currency money will be converted into euros in our coin base wallet.

After we go to our wallet to see the money available for withdrawal. Click on Withdrawal and enter the money you want to withdraw.

Then choose how to withdraw the money. For example you can use your Paypal account.

Enter how much money you want to withdraw and click on Continue

Eventually we will find this screen that confirms the transfer of the money to us.

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