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What is AI.Marketing? How does it work?

You have probably already happened to promote your products through sponsored campaigns on social media such as Instagram or Facebook, or you are enrolled in the Amazon Affiliate program that gives you a% on each article you sponsor and you surely see banners managed by Google Ads that advertise around articles, websites and all sorts of products.

The AI.MARKETING platform brings together all the functions listed above and does so fully automatically , with the help of a small bot, called MarketBot , which, thanks to an artificial intelligence , autonomously scans the web in search of keywords trend to promote products and articles.

You don't need to have any product to sell, sponsor, referral or affiliate program, the platform will do all the work for you.

What does AI.MARKETING do?

The AI.MARKETING platform allows us users to launch advertising campaigns , setting a budget of our choice (as does Facebook, for example).
At that point, the advertising campaign will start and advertisements for articles and products will be published on the web for a couple of weeks .
Once the budget we had set is finished, the campaign will end and we will be able to withdraw the money from the sale of these products.

Practical example :
  • We set a budget of € 50 on the AI.MARKETING website.
  • The MarketBot within 2 or 3 days checks on the internet which products to sponsor.
  • At this point, it will start a sponsored campaign .
  • From day to day it will take part of the budget available for the campaign and will publish the advertising banners of the products it has chosen to promoteon various websites.
  • We will therefore notice the available budget going down from time to time.
  • We will also see day by day how many views , clicks and purchases users are making, in relation to our campaign.
  • Once the available budget is finished , the MarketBot will stop the campaign.
  • On our balance we will have the money earned from the advertising campaign .

The campaign is set by the MarketBot to produce revenue for a minimum of + 30% of the initial budget.

At this point, with this money, we can do 2 things:

  • Withdraw them on our credit card (PostePay, BITSA, HYPE, YAP, etc.)
  • Use them as a budget for a new advertising campaign

In this figure you can see how much earnings the initial $ 50 credit generated. The test date runs from April 15th to April 21st. As can be seen from the figure below, the amount spent on advertising is $ 24.99. In just 7 days the platform generated about $ 50, so in this case I doubled the initial investment.

This money earned from advertising is placed in the virtual card present in the account as you can see from this figure. That's about $ 50. The word "Pending" means that I have to wait until the advertising process is complete to be able to withdraw the money. When the money is available for withdrawal this figure will be reported on the Cashback part. When you find the money on the top (Cashback) you can withdraw it or reuse it to top up your balance and start a new advertising campaign. At the end of the advertising campaign you will find all your invested money plus the earnings from sales. Generally the total gain is variable but can start from 35% and even reach values such as 70% or 80% of the total invested.

The platform gives you the ability to check on which websites you have obtained sales and earnings from advertising. Below you can see on which websites sales were obtained thanks to the advertising campaign we funded.

Only your first advertising campaign will be funded by you, with your real money. The subsequent ones will be fed exclusively by your earnings. However, you can also decide to invest some money, in order to increase your earnings. The more money you have loaded into your account, the more money you will receive.

To summarize briefly: you load a budget of you choice, the Bot starts an advertising campaign , within a few weeks the entire budget is used and the campaign ends and you can recover the resulting money (or use it for a new campaign). It is good to repeat that this process takes place completely automatically . The Bot will look for which products to promote, which type of sponsored campaign is best at that moment, on which sites to place advertising banners and monitor the progress of the campaign.

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