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How to withdraw your CashBack to Inb.Netowrk

When on Inb.Network you have accumulated a profit thanks to the top-ups of the members you have registered, you can proceed in this way to withdraw the money. Payment can be sent to any wallet that accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

From the left menu select Assets and click on PRTN

You are asked how much you want to withdraw and where to send the money. Enter the bitcoin or other crypto address according to the menu selection.

Now go back to the Inb.Network and copy the code of your BitCoin account. Click the Transfer button in blue.

Complements. A message informs you that a withdrawal request has been created which will take place within 24 hours.

If we go back to the home page you will notice that the money has been withdrawn and therefore the balance has gone down.

Transfer the money from your InbNetwork account to AiMarketing

If you prefer you can also transfer the money to your AiMarketing account. Proceed like this. Log into your Ai.MArketing account and select - Top up - from the menu. Choose Bitcoin as your payment method.

Enter the top-up amount and click on the - Pay button -

Now you will see this screen where you find the alphanumeric code to make the payment in BitCoin. Copy this code to Inb.Network to transfer the money from your INB.Network account to your AiMarketing balance. When the money is credited to your AiMarketing account, within 48 they will start a new advertising campaign.

To check the payment status, go to top-up history. When you receive the payment you will find the word Success. Refill usually arrives within 24 hours.

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